I had a very close relationship with my mother when I was young. When I was an adult, I left her to live independently. This separation deepened our gap. In the following years, she began to travel alone to many places, shaved her hair, and shut off the water and electricity at home. She has lived in a unique way for many years. I can’t understand and always quarrel with her. The number of times we meet has been reduced to two or three times a year. Only recently have we gradually recovered contacts. The whole shooting process is also the process of dialogue between me and my mother. When I continued to return to my old home, when I constantly observed the signs of my mother’s long-time lonely life, in the cartons and beer cans that were randomly stacked high, I found a unique aesthetic; in the daily necessities "designed" under her strategy of turning waste into treasure, I found hidden vitality; in her high interest in clothing making, I found one This is a spirit of resistance to existing female characteristics. In this conversation, my inner estrangement and fear were eliminated. At the end of this project, my mother cleaned the toilet and re-turned on water and electricity at home.